Brands That Sponsor Henri Laaksonen

Henri Laaksonen is a Swiss-Finnish tennis player who has been representing Switzerland since 2011. He previously represented Finland. His mother is from Finland and his father, Sandro Della Piana, is a former Swiss tennis player.

His switch to representing Switzerland was motivated by the funding provided by the Swiss Tennis Federation. Despite many years of Swiss funding towards his tennis, Laaksonen has not produced great results on the court. He has been warned and fined multiple times by the Swiss Tennis Federation for various discipline-related violations.

Laaksonen’s poor approach to tennis led fellow Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka to say that he “never wants to be on a tennis court with him again”

Henri Laaksonen’s Sponsors


Laaksonen has a head-to-toe sponsorship with Head. He wears Head clothing and Head Sprint SF shoes. He also uses Head tennis racquets.

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