Which Grand Slam Has The Biggest Purse(And Which One Pays The Least)

When it comes to the grand slams, the battle for the top spot isn’t just on the court—it’s in the prize money arena too! Let’s break it down for the winners, runners-up, and the warriors who make it to the first-round and first-round qualifiers.

All prize money is denoted in USD for easy comparison.


  • US Open: The undisputed champion in prize money, offering a whopping $3,000,000 to the singles winner!
  • Wimbledon: Securing the second-highest position on the podium, Wimbledon showers its winners with $2,974,458.
  • French Open: Claiming the third spot, the French Open rewards its champions with $2,496,039.
  • Australian Open: While still impressive, the Australian Open offers the least among the four, with a winner’s purse of $2,079,000.


  • US Open: Following the winner’s lead, the US Open grants $1,500,000 to the deserving runner-up.
  • Wimbledon: Not far behind, Wimbledon’s runner-up takes home $1,487,229.
  • French Open: Claiming the third position once again, the French Open awards $1,248,019 to the second-best.
  • Australian Open: The runner-up at the Australian Open receives $1,138,500, rounding out the quartet.

First Round:

  • US Open: Even in the early rounds, the US Open stands tall, offering $81,500 to those who make it to the first round.
  • Wimbledon: Following closely, Wimbledon ensures a respectable $69,615 for its first-round warriors.
  • French Open: With a competitive edge, the French Open grants $74,881 to those stepping onto the Roland Garros stage.
  • Australian Open: Starting the journey with a decent purse, the Australian Open provides $79,200 for first-round contenders.

First Round Qualifying:

  • US Open: The qualification battles at the US Open come with a reward of $22,000, setting the stage for the main event.
  • Wimbledon: Wimbledon’s qualifiers earn a solid $16,138, proving that the journey to the main draw is worthwhile.
  • French Open: Roland Garros qualifying is not just a step but a leap, offering $17,364 to those who make it.
  • Australian Open: The first hurdle at the Australian Open comes with a purse of $20,625, motivating players from the start.

So, whether you’re lifting the trophy, standing as the runner-up, or battling it out in the early rounds or qualifiers, each Grand Slam has its own way of saying, “Game, set, match – and payday!” 🏆💸

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