FoxTenn – A Hawk-Eye Competitor Works On Clay (And Has Superior Technology)

Hawk-Eye is ubiquitous in tennis. It’s used by most  major tournaments for line calling and is a name that’s familiar to tennis fans. But there is another company, FoxTenn, that has a competing technology that is superior to Hawk-Eye but has struggled to get traction.

FoxTenn is a Spanish company, whose product works on clay (and hard courts) and does not rely on simulation. FoxTenn is used in fewer tournaments compared to Hawk-Eye.

Differences between Hawk-Eye and FoxTenn

Hawk-Eye is owned by Sony and was developed by  Paul Hawkins. It uses a dozen cameras placed around the court to track ball movement. The system has a margin of error of 3 millimeters in its simulation.

FoxTenn has 40 cameras around the court with scanners and lasers. It does not use simulation and is generally considered to be more accurate than Hawk-Eye.

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