It’s Official. Tennis Has Its First Open Gay Active Players – Fabien Reboul and Max Broville

It’s finally happened. Tennis has a gay couple – doubles players Fabien Reboul and Max Broville announced that they are in love. Both are Frech tennis players and play on the ITF circuit.

Tennis has a lot of openly lesbian tennis players who are active. But Reboul and Broville are the first male players to come out as gay. Typically, male players come out as gay after they are retired to limit financial fallout.

The pair shared a picture that showed them kissing. Though there are some concerns that they kissed in jest, there are signs that the two are really in love. 

Reboul is currently ranked world number 54 – his career-best ranking. It takes a lot of guts to come out as gay at the peak of one’s career. It’s a big step for men’s tennis.

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