End of an Era: Single-Handed Backhands Exit Top 10 Rankings in Men’s Tennis

The era of the single-handed backhand in men’s tennis has ended with Stefanos Tsitsipas falling out of the top 10 rankings. This shift marks a significant change, as there are now no players in the top 10 with a single-handed backhand. Legends like Roger Federer not long ago dominated the court with their elegant one-handed strokes, winning multiple Grand Slam titles.

However, the game’s evolution towards power and baseline dominance has made it increasingly challenging for players with a single-handed backhand to compete at the highest level. While the one-handed backhand offers advantages in serve and volley situations, modern courts and playing styles favor the stability and power of the two-handed backhand, particularly in return and defensive play.

Roger Federer, who had one of the most admired single-handed backhands, has acknowledged the advantages of the two-handed technique in today’s game, as has Dominic Thiem.

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