Belgian Tennis Player Elise Mertens Dating Robbe Ceyssens

Belgian tennis player Elise Mertens is currently dating Robbe Ceyssens. Ceyssens was also Merten’s coach until the end of 2021. He also coaches at the Kim Clijsters tennis academy, where Mertens trains.

Ceyssens, like Mertens, is also of Belgian nationality. He played junior tennis and had decent success but then switched to coaching.

Mertens has credited her professional success to Ceyssens. He is a year and a half older than Mertens.

The couple has been dating for some time. Social media pictures show them together going as far back as 2016.

It is not uncommon for players to date members of their own coaching team. But mixing personal and professional life also comes with its own challenges. If a player hits a funk professionally, it becomes hard to make changes in the team.

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