Did Daniil Medvedev Try To Hook Up With A 17-Year Old Girl During The US Open? Rumors Swirl

A 17-year old girl is claiming that Daniil Medvedev wanted to have a relationship with her during the US Open. Medvedev, of course, is married and if the allegations true, was trying to cheating on his wife.

Since the girl is anonymous, we don’t really know who she is or if she is really 17 years old as she claims or even if the story is true.  The girl has said that she is not after money. Her goal is to prove that Medvedev is a creep.

The girl in question has shared evidence of her conversation with Medvedev. She followed him on his main IG account and he reached out to her via an anonymous account. A lot of dirty talks ensued and the girl has evidence of the conversation captured on video and screenshots.

Medvedev would type a message and quickly delete it to protect himself. He even followed her for a minute or so on the main IG to prove it’s him and then quickly unfollowed her.

The Internet is full of stories like this where people try to take down a popular personality. But in this case, there seems to be a lot of evidence that Medvedev was indeed up to something here. But we can never be sure until he confirms or denies the rumor.

Here are some screenshots from the anonymous girls’ Twitter feed.

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