Dayana Yastremska’s Father Pleaded Her To Leave Ukraine, Dropped Her Off At Habor

Dayana Yastremska fled war-torn Ukraine with her sister to France. Yastremska’s parents asked the sisters to leave the country but they decided to stay back.

Yastremska and her sister took a boat to Romania after their father dropped them off at a harbor. On their way to the harbor, she noticed the damage and devastation that the war had done to Ukraine.

In a touching social media post, Yastremska said:

I haven’t left home to do my favorite job. There’s a war in Ukraine! I love you all and I genuinely believe that peace will be restored soon! Stay safe! 

– Dayana Yastremska

Yastremska will compete at the Lyon Open starting Monday. Elina Svitolina, who is also from Ukraine, pleaded for the war to stop.

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