Danielle Collins Booted From WTT After Violation of COVID-19 Protocol

Danielle Collins has been booted from World Team Tennis (WTT) after violating COVID-19 protocols.  Players participating in WTT are expected to stay in the “bubble” for the health and safety of the players, coaches, and the staff.

If she indeed left the resort, I think the punishment is appropriate. Collins has deleted her social media accounts and has not offered an explanation for her behavior.

The ejection is ironic since Collins recently criticized Novak Djokovic for being out of touch and having too big an entourage. Collins said:

“If it’s safe to play, and the USTA, WTA, and ATP do everything in their ability to prioritize the health of the players, I think we should support that. It’s easy when someone’s made $150 million throughout their career to try and tell people what to do with their money, and then turn downplaying in US open,. For those of us (most tennis players) who don’t travel with an entourage, we actually need to start working again. It would be nice to have the best player in the world supporting this opportunity and not spoiling it for the players and the fans!”

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