Corentin Moutet – This Man Badly Needs Sponsorship From Pepsi

The recent match between Corentin Moutet and Mariano Navone at the Argentina Open was not short of drama. In a bid to secure victory, Moutet showcased his determination by resorting to unconventional tactics, including an impromptu Pepsi break right on the court.

 Amidst the intensity of the game, he made a surprising move by ordering a bottle of Pepsi, which he drank as though it were water. One might even suggest that Moutet could be a perfect candidate for a Pepsi sponsorship given his unexpected endorsement.

Reflecting on the match, Corentin Moutet candidly shared his thoughts.

Thought I was ready to compete but my body left me at 7/5 2/1… Tried everything to fight until the end but wasn’t enough (Even tried Pepsi, something that I hadn’t drunk in maybe a year)

In 2023, he underwent wrist surgery, causing him to plummet outside the top 100 rankings. Since then, he has been working to rediscover his peak form post-surgery.

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