Christian Garin Struggling With Shoulder Injury

Christian Garin is struggling badly. There is no other way to say. He has not won a match in 3 tournaments. In 2022, he has racked up a win loss record of 4-4.

He has been struggling with a shoulder injury for about a year now. Garin has been frustrated with his results and constantly playing with an injury. He said:

It’s been awful to play tennis like this, I’ve been given all I’ve got and I can’t overcome this. Tomorrow I’ll take a decision concerning my future and I’ll see what I’ll do. It’s not worth it to keep playing like this.

Gain is only 25 and needs to take care of his health. A break from tennis to get his physical and mental health in shape may not be bad idea.

Garin has won 5 ATP titles – all of them on clay. His best grand slam result was reaching the fourth round at the French Open and Wimbledon. He is currently ranked 27 in the world but his rankings are likely to drop because of his poor results in recent months.

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