Best Books On Roger Federer

We all know that Roger Federer is a great player on the court. And that he has class both and off the court. But who is Federer behind the curtains?

Roger Federer didn’t become who he is suddenly. These books take a look look at his childhood, his junior tennis days, and the experiences that made Roger Federer who he is today.

Some books are slightly dated but are still worth reading for the stories. Clearly, some book authors didn’t think Federer will keep playing until his late 30s and decided to write books rather prematurely. 

Roger Federer: Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist – Simon Graf (2019)

It’s a great book, originally written in German. It now has an English version. Each chapter is its own story and gives you a deep dive into the personality of Roger Federer.

Federer and Me: A Story of Obsession – William Skidelsky (2017)

A fantastic book for Super Fed fans. William Skidelsky recounts his obsession with Roger Federer and looks into the fascinating history of professional sports and fandom.

Federer: The Greatest of All Time Kindle Edition – Chris Bowers (2016)

The book tracks the development of Roger Federer, the tennis player.  The book includes interesting anecdotes from Federer’s childhood days.

The Roger Federer Story: Quest for Perfection by Rene Stauffer -Rene Stauffer (2007)

The book was released in 2007, so it is missing Federer’s exploits beyond that. Stauffer has followed Federer’s career more closely than anyone else and this allows him to write about Federer in ways others can’t

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