Australian Open 2019: Player Quotes – Day 2

Roger Federer 

“It‘s funny, now we have four different endings at the four Grand Slams, nowadays at 6:6 in the 5th you just gotta know which ending is coming, heard a female player today thought at 7:4 she won only to realize that she needed to continue to 10”

Shapovalov on Roger Federer

“The way he carries himself, the way he carries himself with other people, it’s not a show. From the day I came to the scene, he’s always made time to talk to me, see how I’m doing, just out of niceness, it’s just the way he is.’

Serena Williams

“The last time I was here I was actually pregnant and playing at the same time, which is insane.

Thanasi Kokkinakis on Andy Murray

“I love that dude. He’s super nice…When I was playing matches in Hopman Cup, he’d send me massive paragraphs about things he thinks I should do on court, what could help me, stuff like that.”

Sascha Zverev

“Being No. 4 in the world, normally people reach their limits…I still feel like I have so much room and I still have so many kind of holes in my game where I can improve.”

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