Andy’s Reads: Top NCAA Tennis Coach Retires and Sharapova Talks Money

CAA dissolves its tennis division due to lack of opportunities. The agency represented Marin Cilic, Genie Bouchard and many others (

Maria Sharapova talks about money and her family’s hardship during her childhood (CNBC)

Bid Goswami, one of the most successful tennis coaches in the NCAA will retire at the end of the 2019 season (Columbia Spectator)

Tennis has a problem with betting in its lower tier events.  ITF, which is responsible for those events decided to sell data to betting companies.  ATP retaliated by taking away ranking points for ITF events.  Up and coming tennis players are paying a price (Twitter)

Doug Adler has settled the wrongful termination suit with ESPN and will return to air.  ESPN suspended Adler wrongfully after he referred to Venus Williams’ play tactics as “gorilla effect”.  Justice is finally done, but it took two years (Sports Illustrated)


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