Andy Roddick Becomes Investor In Cocktail Delivery Company Sourced Craft Cocktail

Andy Roddick revealed on Twitter that he an investor in Sourced Craft Cocktail.  The company is the largest craft cocktail delivery company in the country.  It is not clear how long Andy Roddick has been an investor at the company.

Sourced Craft Cocktails delivers cocktails to your home in under 3 hours according to its website. The company was founded by Tim Angelillo,  Angela Rogers, and Brian Floyd in 2015.

Tim Angelillo led experiential marketing efforts at Sports Illustrated and then at Yahoo Sports.  He founded the company along with his partners to shake up the decades-old liquor industry in an effort to cater to the millennials.

The company is backed by a talented team of advisors and outside investors in Andy Roddick, Whurley, Ecliptic Capital and Goat Rodeo, Jeff Levenberg, Cyril Mountran, Nik Halik, and Jeff Hinson.

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