Andrey Rublev Hits Himself In Anger With A Racquet, It’s Difficult To Watch

When tennis players get angry, they smash racquets. They argue with umpires and yell at their team in the stands. But Andrey Rublev has a strange way of releasing anger. He hits himself hard in the legs with his racquet. It’s painful to watch.

Rublev has been hitting himself for years. There are fines are smashing for smashing your racquet during a match but there is no fine for players hitting themselves. But players can end up with bruises.

Needless to say, Andrey Rublev needs to get help. As a fan, it’s difficult to watch him suffer like that. He needs to learn to control his anger and channel his anger that’s productive.

Despite reaching a career-high ranking of world number 5, Rublev has struggled to move past the quarterfinal stage of a grand slam. He has lost in the quarterfinals at a grand slam six times. He won the gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

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