Alison Riske Weds Stephen Amritraj

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After dream run to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon earlier this month, Alison Riske had more dreams to make come true. She married the 29-year-old married Stephen Amritraj, former ATP pro turned chief tennis officer of UTR in Pittsburgh.

Riske  wore a beautiful, traditionally white dress with embellishments, including a peekaboo plunge. She also wore traditional Indian wedding pieces.

Alison Riske Stephen Amritraj wedding 1

Alison Riske Stephen Amritraj wedding 1

Stephen Amritraj played tennis at Duke University and had a short pro-career in tennis before moving on to the business side of the sport to be the Chief Tennis Officer at Universal Tennis Rating.

Stephen Amritraj comes from a tennis family. His dad Anand and uncle Vijay both had long careers in tennis.

Riske has always been known to take a risk. She tried her Bollywood dance moves at her wedding. Check it out!

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