Alexander Zverev Discusses Becoming Top Player After Being Diagnosed With Diabetes At Age 3

Alexander Zverev was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just three. Despite that, he rose to world number 2, reached a grand slam final, and won an Olympic gold medal. 

Zverev announced that he’s establishing the Alexander Zverev Foundation to help people affected by diabetes. He had several people who doubted he could succeed in an endurance sport like tennis. 

I was always told that I would never make it with diabetes. Different doctors, and different specialists said: ‘Competitive athlete with diabetes? That is impossible.’ And then at some point I though myself: ‘I am second in the world, I am Olympic champion, I can help others with this issue!'”

– Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev discussed the reasons he went public with his diabetes diagnosis, saying,

“I can encourage others, I can be the messenger for the topic of diabetes. And then I thought, I feel good, I am 25-years-old and I want to help other children and especially other parents. I want to show them that everything is possible with diabetes. That’s why I made it public.”
Zverev is often seen checking his blood sugar during matches. It’s impressive that he’s open about his diabetes and is helping others with the disease.
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