Heineken’s Amstel Ultra Brand Ropes In Rafael Nadal As Ambassador

Beer brand Amstel Ultra has signed Rafael Nadal to a three-year partnership. Amstel Ultra is hoping that can use its global superstar status to help the brand expand into new markets.

Nadal is expected to appear in a number of advertising campaigns in the coming months endorsing Amstel ULTRA, Amstel 0.0, Amstel ULTRA Seltzer, and Amstel Malta ULTRA. Amstel 0.0 is a nonalcoholic beer created for consumers who prefer zero alcohol content in their drinks.

I am very happy to be teaming up with Amstel ULTRA® over the next few years. This past year has been challenging for all of us and there has never been a more important moment to find balance in our lives. Being a professional tennis player and always traveling around the world, I live an extremely active and busy life. But at the same time, I always make time to enjoy moments with those close to me when I can. I believe that everybody must be able to find the right balance that works for them and the Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0 range complement this perfectly.

-Rafael Nadal

Amstel Brewery was founded in 1870 in Amsterdam. It was taken over by Heineken International in 1968.

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