Where To Buy Tennis Balls In Bulk For Cheap – Updated 2022

Whether you are a tennis coach or an aspiring tennis player, or you have a ball machine, one thing is certain.  You will go through a lot of tennis balls.  It can get very expensive quickly.

You need balls that are cheap but are also of high quality.  This will allow you to practice with balls similar to what you will use in your matches. There is no point in practicing with balls that are of poor quality.

Best Places To Buy Tennis Balls In Bulk

Tennis Warehouse

Tennis Warehouse carries all major brands of tennis balls – Dunlop, Wilson, Penn, and Babolat. Keep in mind that shipping is not free at Tennis Warehouse for most items.

USPS ground shipping costs $5.95 and takes 4-5 business days for delivery.  There are faster shipping options but they are very expensive. The cost per ball below is calculated using a shipping cost of $5.95.

As you can see below, Dunlop balls come out the cheapest.  If Dunlop balls are not your favorite, consider Penn or Wilson.

Dunlop ATP Championship XD Tennis Ball 24 Can Case ($74.95, 72 balls) -Cost per ball $1.04

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls 24 Can Case ($69.95, 72 balls)  – Cost per ball $0.97

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball 24 Can Case ($84.95, 72 balls) – Cost per ball $1.18

Babolat Gold All Court Ball 24 Can Case ($84, 72 balls) – Cost per ball $1.16

Dicks Sporting Goods

The price of tennis balls at Dick’s Sporting Goods can be deceiving at first. But if you do your homework, you will be able to get very good deals.

Dick frequently has special deals – 10% off if you sign up for their email list, $20 off $100 if you sign up for text alerts. Dick’s also has free shipping offers from time to time.

The downside to these offers is that you need to buy tennis balls when there are deals, which may not necessarily be when you need them. But if you plan, Dick’s can be a good place to buy tennis balls in bulk.

Currently, Dicks has Penn Championship Ti Tennis Balls – 20 Can Pack (60 balls) at $59.99. But if you buy two packs (120 balls) and apply a $20 off coupon, you can get 120 balls at $0.83 per ball. I have seen better deals at Dicks, so keep watching those prices.

The biggest pack that Dick’s carries is a 12-pack, so you may have to buy multiple packs if you need a lot of tennis balls.


Just like Dick’s, Academy has coupons and deals you can use to reduce the cost per ball.

You can buy a Penn Championship XD Tennis Balls 12 Can Pack/ 36 Balls at $30 ($0.83 per ball) without any coupons. You can use coupons to make the deal sweeter.


If you are practicing for competitions, I would stay away from pressureless balls because their bounce and playability can be different.

But pressureless balls can come in handy in certain cases. If you are using a ball machine for practice, ball machine manufacturers recommend using pressureless balls.

Amazon has free shipping over $35. Shipping is also free if you have Prime membership.

Game Point tennis balls come in a bucket and have 48 balls (at $60 per bucket, it costs $1.25 per ball

Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball (Pack of 60) – ($50 for 60 balls, $0.83 per ball)


Costco has great offers on tennis balls from time to time. You have to be a member to shop at Costco or Costco.com.

You can pick up a 20-pack of Penn Extra Duty Championship (60 balls) for around $40 (cost per ball $0.67).

Buying used tennis balls

Local tennis clubs

Tennis clubs go through a lot of balls during a season. Most clubs just give away used balls to tennis coaches and aspiring players.

Though the clubs probably get a lot of requests, if you ask nicely, you may be able to get gently used balls for free.

Types of balls

Pressurized ball vs Pressureless balls

Pressurized balls have a hollow core that is filled with nitrogen or air. In pressureless balls, the core is solid.

Bounce – Pressurized balls bounce higher than pressureless balls. This is temporary as over time the balls become “dead” and lose their ability to bounce high

Speed – Pressurized tennis balls have lower mass, so they travel faster

Spin – You can generate good spin with pressurized balls as they are lighter.

The benefits of the pressurized ball in terms of bounce, speed and spin fade away over time as the gas inside the core escapes. After you open the can, in two to three weeks, even if you don’t use the ball the pressure goes away. After the pressure is gone, the pressurized balls feel “dead”.

Pressureless balls feel “dead” from the day you buy them. You may think it’s a bad thing but the pressureless balls do have some benefits. As the green fuzzy fabric around the tennis ball wears over time, the ball becomes bouncier over time. But their spin potential decreases over time. Note that pressureless balls are heavier, so it puts a lot of stress on your arms as you hit the ball.

Many ball machine manufacturers recommend using pressureless balls in their equipment. Tennis coaches can also find these balls useful because they don’t have to be replaced often.

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