Use Tennis Racquet Grips On Pull Up Bars For Solid Grip And Durability

I have seen all kinds of tapes on pull up bars – electric tape, athletic tape, duct tape. But these tapes get dirty and stringy after a few uses. 

Did you know that tennis racquet grips make great grips for pull up bars? Tennis grips for fairly lightweight and don’t add a lot of bulk to the bar. You can get them for around $10.

Tennis Grip Recommendations for Pull Up Bars

I recommend the Gamma Supreme Overgrips. These grips hold up well and are very grippy.

You could also consider Wilson Pro Overgrip. These come in multiple colors.

Grip Changing Tips

When it is time to change out the grip, use a hair blow dryer to avoid leaving any residue on the bar. The heat from the hairdryer will break down the adhesive and make it easier to remove. 

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