US Open Prize Money 2022

USTA announced that total prize money for the 2021 US Open is $57.5 million, a 7.7% increase compared to 2020. But the increase will go the early round losers. US Open singles champion in 2021 will see a drop of 17% in prize money compared to last year.

Last year was a very difficult year for all of us, and the pandemic had a profound impact on the USTA’s financial health. Yet we worked—and continue to work—extremely hard to ensure that tennis would continue to thrive for the long-term at every level, and that work led to more than 4 million new and returning players participating in tennis in 2020. Our support of tennis is very broad, and touches every level of the game. The US Open is an unparalleled showcase for all that is so wonderful about our sport, and the players are an integral part of that. We are proud to return our player compensation to pre-pandemic levels

– Mike Dowse, USTA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

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