Corentin Moutet – This Man Badly Needs Sponsorship From Pepsi

The recent match between Corentin Moutet and Mariano Navone at the Argentina Open was not short of drama. In a bid to secure victory, Moutet showcased his determination by resorting to unconventional tactics, including an impromptu Pepsi break right on the court.

 Amidst the intensity of the game, he made a surprising move by ordering a bottle of Pepsi, which he drank as though it were water. One might even suggest that Moutet could be a perfect candidate for a Pepsi sponsorship given his unexpected endorsement.

Reflecting on the match, Corentin Moutet candidly shared his thoughts.

Thought I was ready to compete but my body left me at 7/5 2/1… Tried everything to fight until the end but wasn’t enough (Even tried Pepsi, something that I hadn’t drunk in maybe a year)

In 2023, he underwent wrist surgery, causing him to plummet outside the top 100 rankings. Since then, he has been working to rediscover his peak form post-surgery.

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More Sponsorship Deals Wait for Holger Rune After Signup With IMG

IMG, a renowned sports management agency, has recently taken on the representation of Holger Rune, a rising talent in the world of tennis. Joining the ranks of notable athletes like Carlos Alcaraz and Carlos Swiatek on the ING roster, Rune’s decision marks a pivotal moment in his career trajectory.

With this new partnership, Rune’s mother, Aneke, will be stepping down from her role as his manager, ushering in a more professionally structured support system for the young athlete, as opposed to familial management.

In explaining the transition to IMG, Aneke Rune emphasized the increasing spotlight on her son and the myriad responsibilities demanding her attention. “It’s no secret that there’s increasing attention around Holger, and we love that, but there are so many other things I need to attend to, and I have several projects that require my focus,” she stated in an interview with TV 2 sports. “Therefore, I have assessed and decided that it’s best to delegate the communication of information so that you (journalists) don’t feel overlooked.”

Expressing confidence in IMG’s ability to handle Holger Rune’s affairs, Aneke underscored the agency’s promise to provide comprehensive support while she redirects her focus. “I feel confident entrusting the task to IMG, ensuring they will provide the necessary information about Holger in the future, and then I’ll have a bit more time to handle the other things I’m involved in,” she added.

This strategic move not only promises a more structured approach to Rune’s career but also opens doors to a plethora of sponsorship opportunities and lucrative business deals for the Danish star.

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