Kyle Edmund’s Shoes – What Shoes Does Edmund Wear?

Kyle Edmund has been one of the top British players for the last several years. He has come close to breaking into the Top 10 of the ATP rankings. Edmund has an apparel and shoe sponsorship deal with Nike.  He currently wears the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 shoes on the court.

Edmund was born in South Africa and moved to the UK when he was 3.  He is a proud Brit and has a passionate following in Britain.  He considers compatriot Andy Murray as one of his idols.

Kyle Edmund’s Shoes

Kyle Edmund wears the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 shoes.  So does Rafael Nadal. The shoes are engineered for aggressive movement and provide exceptional stability and durability.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 shoes have extra room in the toe box.  People with wide feet (or even those with regular size feet) will appreciate the extra room.

One of the noticeable features of this shoe is the partially separated upper that hides laces.  If you slide a lot, this feature will come in handy. Nike has also added a clear, plastic, overlay frame to improve lateral stability.

If you like to slide on the hard courts, these shoes have rubber and Kurim outsole that provides good durability.  The shoes come with a 6-month outsole warranty.

The shoes come in multiple colors, so you choose what best fits your fashion style on the court. 

Bottom Line

These are Rafa’s shoes.  They are made for aggressive movement on the court with quick stops and starts.  You don’t have to worry about wearing out the outsole quickly. These shoes are meant to last.  They come in many colors that will make you look fashionable on the court.

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Johanna Konta’s Shoes – What Shoes Does Konta Wear?

Johanna Konta has been a top female British tennis player for some time. Though she has had some deep runs in grand slams, a grand slam title has eluded her.  She has an apparel sponsorship deal with Ellesse and a shoe deal with Asics.  She currently wears the Asics Gel Resolution 7 shoes on the court. 

Konta represents Britain but also holds Australian and Hungarian passports. Her powerful groundstroke game has tripped up her opponents and won her many fans in Britain.

Johanna Konta’s Shoes

Asics Gel Resolution 7 shoes worn by Konta come with excellent cushioning.  You can spend hours on the court and not even know it because your shoes will keep you comfortable the entire time.

Asics Gel Resolution shoes have a polyurethane upper that is flexible but also provides good support. The non-marking outsole features a herringbone tread pattern that offers good traction on the court.

The shoe provides a secure fit and allows you to change directions confidently.  The weight of the shoe is average – not too lightweight and not too heavy. 

The outsole comes with a 6-month warranty.  So you can buy these with confidence even if you are used are hard on your shoes. 

Bottom Line

While Asics shoes are not as popular as Nike or Adidas,  Asics resolutions shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.  With an average weight, this shoe provides good support and excellent traction on the court. Even if you are hard on your shoes, give the Asics a try.  They come with a 6-month outsole guarantee. 

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