After brief stints with Boris Becker and Severin Luthi as coaches, Holger Rune has reunited with Patrick Mouratoglou. Despite parting ways with Mouratoglou late last year, their relationship dates back many years to Rune’s junior career. Under Mouratoglou’s guidance, Rune achieved his career-best ranking of world number 4.

The decision to return to Mouratoglou may come as a surprise to many fans. However, Rune explained his choice, stating, “I believe Patrick is the best person to help me achieve my goals.” He expressed excitement about resuming work with Mouratoglou, citing their past successes and shared ambition for future triumphs. The two have discussed how to structure their collaboration best to optimize Rune’s performance.

While Mouratoglou has been in the spotlight for negative reasons, having been involved in a situation where his team provided Simona Halep with contaminated supplements leading to a failed drug test, Rune has decided not to rely on him for supplement advice. Instead, Rune’s mother will oversee his supplement intake, a role she has fulfilled for a long time.

Mouratoglou expressed his enthusiasm for the renewed collaboration, stating, “I am excited to start a new collaboration with Holger. We have known each other since he was 13 years old, and I have always believed in his potential. He has lofty goals, and I share those aspirations with him. It marks the beginning of a new adventure, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Acapulco, Indian Wells, and Miami.”

Holger Rune faces a significant challenge in defending a lot of points leading up to Wimbledon. Maintaining these points is crucial for his ranking, as failure to do so could result in a substantial drop.

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